I have defined a new command as a macro as follows:

\newcommand{\Sel}[3]{S_{#1}^{#2, #3}}

I want every invocation of this command to consist of teletypefont (\texttt) so I tried changing the macro to:

\newcommand{\Sel}[3]{\texttt{S_{#1}^{#2, #3}}}

This gives me the following errors in the lines where \Sel is used in my Tex file:

  • Missing $ inserted.
  • Extra }, or forgotten $.

Trying to do something such as follows in the Tex file gives similar errors as well:


I'm hoping this is me misunderstanding the usage of commands inside commands.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Welcome to TeX.SX! You are trying to put a text command in math mode? Try the other way around (put some \mathtt in there). – TeXnician Oct 9 '17 at 17:50


Let us change your

\verb+\newcommand{\Sel}[3]{\texttt{S_{#1}^{#2, #3}}}+


\newcommand{\Sel}[3]{\mathtt{S_{#1}^{#2, #3}}}



enter image description here

As you can observe, \texttt is changed into \mathtt, which behaves properly in math mode.

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