Does exist a way to open/read the documentation of packages directly from TeXworks?


There is nothing built-in, but TeXworks does allow for extensions via scripts. If you look in the TeXworks repository at Github there is one script for doing what you ask:

I tried this on my system (Kubuntu with TeX Live), and it seemed to work fine. The steps to use it is as follows:

  1. Download the ZIP archive from the link above.
  2. Open TeXworks, choose Scripts --> Scripting TeXworks --> Show scripts folder:

    scripts menu in TeXworks

  3. Unzip the archive in this folder, it should give you a subfolder called packageHelp containing a .txt file and a .js file.

  4. In TeXworks, choose Scripts --> Scripting TeXworks --> Reload scripts folder. If you now look in the Scripts-menu again, there should be an entry packageHelp (as in the image above).

  5. You need to allow scripts access to running system commands via Edit --> Preferences --> Scripting, checking the box for "Allow scripts to run system commands":

    preferences dialog

  6. Now everything should be ready. To access the documentation of a package:

    1. Select the name of a package in your document, for example by double-clicking on it.

    2. Hit the keyboard shortcut Alt + T Alt + D. (In other words, hold down Alt, and hit first T then D.)

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