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So I'm preparing a powerpoint slideshow and would like to add in some math expressions without creating a new latex document, copying the images from a pdf, and etc...

Does anyone know of a website that lets you input a math expression from latex, and it displays an image of that expression, that I can just save and use?

That would be amazing..


EDIT: From the thread mentioned below, this is the tool fitting what I wanted the most: http://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php


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In addition to the online services mentioned in that other thread, there are a number of standalone equation editors which will compile a LaTeX expression into an image file, provided your computer already has LaTeX installed.

  • I use LaTeXit! (Mac OSX), which is included in the MacTeX distribution. It's got plenty of features, including the ability to edit the default preamble (to include packages, custom commands, etc.)
  • Laeqed seems to be a similar cross-platform tool, although I've never used it myself.
  • Cutting out the middleman, there are also at least two LaTeX plugins for PowerPoint: TeXPPT and MyTexPoint. I can't vouch for these either, but they do exist!

I like the instant view editor of mathtran.


The online editor http://www.sitmo.com/latex/ has a GUI and is designed only for math formulas. It generates the previews (almost) instantly.

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