I am writing some text where I usually have some text and then some figure/tikz picture/table (with tabular or array environment) side by side, in this orden. The command that I use is


My idea is to have both side by side, optimizing the horizontal space.

My question is, how can I extract automatically the bounding box of the second minipage and insert it in the first minipage? in order to use all de horizontal space. Something like this

    \begin{minipage}{\linewidth-<width of bounding box>-#1}%
    #3 % extract <width of bounding box>

where #3 is a figure, tikzpicture, array, tabular environment, or may be only \includegraphics{}.

Is there a general solution?

  • Thank you John, but your suggest doesn't help me, because de tikzpicture is on the right to the text, and I am looking for a general solution. Thanks again. – Gitano Oct 12 '17 at 15:02
  • As I said, these days I just stick it in a savebox, as was done in ignasi's solution. But you did ask. – John Kormylo Oct 12 '17 at 21:17

You can use a sidebyside tcolorbox. In its documentation (page 122) is explained how to build a new mysidebox command which adjusts left hand side to its contents. I've just changed to adjust right hand side. I show two examples, one using colors and amrgins, and the second one uses the blankest skin to avoid all toclorbox lines and colors.



\DeclareTotalTColorBox{\mysidebox}{ O{} +m +m }{
fonttitle=\bfseries,center title,
righthand width=\wd\mysavebox,
drop lifted shadow,


(0,0) node[below]{A} -- (3,1) node[right]{B}
-- (1,4) node[above]{C} -- cycle;

(0,0) node[below]{A} -- (3,1) node[right]{B}
-- (1,4) node[above]{C} -- cycle;

enter image description here

  • Thank you very much! this is exactly what I am looking for. – Gitano Oct 12 '17 at 15:53

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