I'm trying to modify the graphiso.sty package to show morphisms between directed graphs. This meant it should allow to show edges with arrows, I could do that. The thing is I now want to include loops, and make those loops move smoothly. So far I added the following to graphiso.sty:

\define@cmdkey [GR] {MLe} {dist}{}
\define@cmdkey [GR] {MLe} {dir}{}
\define@cmdkey [GR] {MLe} {shows}{}
\define@cmdkey [GR] {MLe} {starts}{}
\define@cmdkey [GR] {MLe} {stops}{}
\define@cmdkey [GR] {MLe} {arrow}{}
\presetkeys    [GR] {MLe} {dist      = 3cm,
                       dir       = WE,
                       shows     = 1,
                       starts    = 1,
                       stops     = 10,
                       arrow     = -}{} 
  \foreach\x in {\cmdGR@MLe@shows,...,\last@still}{%
    \only<\x>{\Loop[dist {\cmdGR@MLe@dist},dir {\cmdGR@MLe@dir},style={thick,\cmdGR@MLe@arrow}](#2)}
  \foreach\x in {\cmdGR@MLe@starts,...,\cmdGR@MLe@stops}{%
    \only<\x>{\Loop[dist {\cmdGR@MLe@dist},dir {\cmdGR@MLe@dir},style={thick,\cmdGR@MLe@arrow}](#2)}

I have two problems with my approache:

  1. I'm not able to modify the orientation of the loops even after writing something like \LoopM[dir=EA,arrow=->,shows=1,starts=4,stops=10]{I}.
  2. It doesn't allow the loops to change smoothly from one orientation to other one. Any clues as to how could I get that effect?

Edit: This is an example of what I got so far: enter image description here

which is generated by the following code:

 \begin{frame}{Homomorfismo de grafos}  
        \begin{tikzpicture}[stop jumping]  

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