I am using TeXstudio 2.12.6 QT 5.9.1, and have the Auto Complete Parentheses in Special options turned on. In general, it automatically 'closes' the brackets / braces for the following combinations:

(, [, {, \(, \[, \{

QN: Is there a way to disable the autocompletion of just one of the combination?

In particular, I do not like the \( completion, because more often than not, this combination of keypresses is a mistake, rather than on purpose.

As a result, I then have to press backspace twice, and press delete twice to remove the entire \(\), which is a pain.

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The only way around is to disable Auto Complete Parentheses option and get back the functionality only for desired brackets via macros.

For example, for regular parenthesis () you need to create such macro


here %| means that the cursor will be placed there after macros has been run. In order to trigger it, you need to specify the pattern, in this case \( enter image description here

Note! Trigger is a regex pattern, but ( is a special character , so you need to escape that \(.

For instance, the auto completion of \[\] would require \\\[ as a trigger, since we firstly escape the backslash and then escape the bracket.

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