I am trying to reference my beamer overlays by an identifier, much like in this question: reference overlay numbers with names.

Since I am using \visible<+->{} (where the beamerpauses counter is incremented after the execution of the command), I wanted to use the extensions mentioned in this comment and this comment in order to be able to define offsets.

When using the alternative \savepause definition, I get the error:

"You can't use `\unhbox' after \advance. \end{frame}"

When using the alternative \usepauseoffset, I get an error ...

"undefined control sequence".

Actually, it's a whole bunch of errors in both cases. I'm not yet experienced enough with LaTeX to program macros and understand such error messages.

Here is an MWE:


% Save overlays by name
%\DeclareRobustCommand*{\savepause}[2][0]{\only<1>{\advance\c‌​@beamerpauses by#1\relax\immediate\write\@auxout{\string\pauseentry{\the\c‌​@framenumber}{#2}{\t‌​he\c@beamerpauses}}\‌​advance\c@beamerpaus‌​es by-#1\relax}}
\newcommand*{\usepause}[1]{\@ifundefined{pauses@\the\c@framenumber @#1}{1}    {\@nameuse{pauses@\the\c@framenumber @#1}}}


    \visible<+->{Overlay 1 \savepause{first} (Counter: \usepause{first})}

    \visible<+->{Overlay 2 \savepause{second} (Counter: \usepause{second})}

    \visible<\usepause{first}->{Should be shown together with "Overlay 1".}

    %\visible<\usepauseoffset[1]{second}->{Should be shown together with "Overlay 2".} % Does not compile.


I'm sorry that I did not comment under the original question, but I do not yet have the privileges to comment.

In case anything is missing in my explanation, please let me know. I just joined Stackexchange.

Thanks in advance!

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