I found that I can change current pagecolor with


so I tried to use


that unfortunately changes the color for all pages after this command. Any ideas how to limit this command only to the current and the next page?

  • The second \newpagecolor{color} after \newpagecolor is wrong since the restore color is overwritten with that value, so if the previous colour was white, and \newpagecolor{red} is used, then \restorepagecolor would restore to white, since this is the previous color information. \newpagecolor{red}\newpagecolor{red} would first save white, but then then 2nd usage would save red, so \restorepagecolor would restore to red for the rest of the document (or until another \newpagecolor is used)
    – user31729
    Oct 15 '17 at 7:18

Set the page colour, and then \restore it using a nested \afterpage:

enter image description here






Exactly the same approach can be followed using xcolor's \pagecolor command.

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