I'm trying to add three logos on the title page of my presentation. I'm using Beamer and the metropolis theme. I've tried to use the \titlegraphic command but the picture appears at the top left of the slide. So I modified the .sty file using hspace and vspace but I would like to know if there is a better way to do so. Indeed, what I did is OK for this presentation but not re-usable for another one with another logo of different size. Thanks.

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You could define your own title page with the titlegraphic at the bottom:

\usetheme{moloch}% modern fork of the metropolis theme


\setbeamertemplate{title page}{
    \usebeamertemplate*{title separator}


enter image description here


you can always include anything to any frame without defining new templates with package like eso-pic or tikz.

\title{My presentation}
\begin{tikzpicture}[overlay, remember picture]
\node[above right=1cm and .8cm of current page.south west] {\includegraphics[width=2cm]{example-image}};
\node[above =1cm of current page.south] {\includegraphics[width=2cm]{example-image}};
\node[above left=1cm and .8cm of current page.south east] {\includegraphics[width=2cm]{example-image}};

enter image description here

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