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I would like to make a table with the following staircase pattern (preferably with TiKz). In addition for each of the cells there should be a mini-box. The minibox has further data such as a pH level while the main box has a solubility (s) or in soluable.

enter image description here

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    Could you please show us what you've tried so far (minimal, compilable code example; MWE). – TeXnician Oct 16 '17 at 17:13

These are both fun exercises in using \foreach. The macros \LabGrid and \ChemGrid, defined below, both accept a variable number of rows/columns and \LabGrid has an optional argument for the colour. The MWE below produces:

enter image description here

Here is the code:


%usage: \LabGrid[colour]{CAPITAL letter for last row/column}
        \foreach \row [count=\r,remember=\r] in {A,...,#2} {
           \draw[fill=#1!10!white](0,-\r) rectangle ++(2,1);
           \node at (1,0.5-\r){$\row$};
           \foreach \c in {1,...,\r} {
              \draw[thick](2*\c,-\r) rectangle ++(2,1);
        \draw[fill=#1!10!white](0,-1-\r) rectangle ++(2,1);
        \foreach \row [count=\c] in {A,...,#2} {
            \draw[fill=#1!10!white](2*\c,-1-\r) rectangle ++(2,1);
            \node at (2*\c+1,-0.5-\r) {\row};

% usage: \ChemGrid{comma separated list of chemicals}
      header/.style={rectangle,minimum width=2cm,minimum height=1cm}]
     \foreach \row [count=\r, remember=\r] in {#1} {
       \node[header] at (1.5,0.2-2*\r){\row};
       \foreach \chem [count=\c] in {#1} {
     \foreach \row [count=\c, remember=\c] in {#1} {
       \node[header] at (2*\c+1,-0.3-2*\r) {\row};



  \ChemGrid{NH$_4$O$_2$, BACl$_2$, CuSo$_4$}



I realised that the nodes did not scale with xscale and yscale. I have fixed this.

As shown, the easiest way to fine-tune the sizes of the boxes is by setting xscale and yscale in the tikzpicture environment.

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