I have titlepage header and footer created by fancyhdr and I'm trying to replace it by koma-script solution.

I tried scrlayer-headings, but I just can't make koma-script print header or footer at titlepage environment. It works for all other pages, except titlepage.

Fancyhdr style

    \chead{<some text>}
    { \parbox[b]{\textwidth}{\centering \opt@title@city@ru\\ \opt@title@year@ru} }

which I setup like this


Is it possible to achieve same behavior in koma-script for titlepage?

Here's full WE

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    Please don't use external links for a not minimal example. Always add the code of a minimal but working example to your question! Oct 17, 2017 at 5:34

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Please see the following MWE


\usepackage{blindtext} % dummy text

\usepackage{scrlayer-scrpage} % instead of fancyhdr


  \Huge This is a title page



which gives the following titlepage:

title page

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