I use the package cleveref to produce cross-references like "Figure 4" instead of just "4", with the word "Figure" clickable as well. However, cleveref doesn't create citation call-outs.

I wonder how can I have something like \cite{einstein} produce "Reference 1" instead of "1", with the word "Reference" clickable as well. Thank you for your help.


\usepackage[style=nejm, backend=biber]{biblatex}

Let's cite! The Einstein's journal paper \cite{einstein} and the Dirac's 
book \cite{dirac} are physics related items. 



The bibliography file (sample.bib):

    author =       "Albert Einstein",
    title =        "{Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter K{\"o}rper}. ({German})
    [{On} the electrodynamics of moving bodies]",
    journal =      "Annalen der Physik",
    volume =       "322",
    number =       "10",
    pages =        "891--921",
    year =         "1905",
    DOI =          "http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/andp.19053221004",
    keywords =     "physics"

    title={The Principles of Quantum Mechanics},
    author={Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac},
    series={International series of monographs on physics},
    publisher={Clarendon Press},
    keywords = {physics}

biblatex-nejm is based on numeric-comp. numeric-comp is quite complicated to modify, so we need quite a bit of code.

The idea is to add Reference\addspace before all \printfield{labelprefix}\printfield{labelnumber} blocks.

\usepackage[style=nejm, backend=biber]{biblatex}


    ( test {\iffieldundef{labelprefix}} and test {\ifundef\cbx@lastprefix} )
    test {\iffieldequals{labelprefix}{\cbx@lastprefix}}



In particular we can cite \cite{sigfridsson} but could also be \cite{geer} or anything \cite{sigfridsson,nussbaum,geer}.

In particular we can cite \cite{sigfridsson} but could also be \cite{nussbaum} or anything.

In particular we can cite \cite{worman} but could also be \cite{geer} or anything \cite{sigfridsson,nussbaum,geer,knuth:ct:a}.


enter image description here

  • Thank you ! I still have two questions: - How to get ride of "tex:0 Macro 'cite:dump' already defined" ? - Where did you found how to do that ? – Nakrule Oct 18 '17 at 11:28
  • 1
    @Nakrule Issue one should be addressed with the edit. And re your second question: Experience, you only have to follow the macros through the different files until you find the one you have to modify. – moewe Oct 18 '17 at 11:32
  • Thank you, I don't have any warnings left ! – Nakrule Oct 18 '17 at 11:34

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