Using \DeclareUnicodeEncoding, I defined my own encoding that adjusts the \^ such that it maps to a circumflex accent U+005E rather than to a combining circumflex accent U+0302 (which is already set by xunicode to represent the modified letter accent U+02C6).

I hit a few bumps/snags/hurdles.

  1. The first problem was caused by a circumflex appearing in listings environments that was solved by adding \input{tuenc.def} (with \makeatletter).
  2. The second problem appears when typing \^{}, which causes a log error.

Log Error

file.log:505:Missing character: There is no   in font [/usr/local/texlive/2016/texmf-dist/fonts/opentype/rozynski/comicneue/ComicNeue_Regular.otf]/OT:mapping=tex-text;!


See comments in the code. Note that I picked ComicNeue_Regular.otf specifically because it does not support U+0302 or U+00A0, and it is contained within TeX Live.


  Path = /usr/local/texlive/2016/texmf-dist/fonts/opentype/rozynski/comicneue/ ,
  Extension = .otf ,
  UprightFont = *_Regular,
  NFSSEncoding= preventcombinedcircumflex,

% Solved the general issue by adding \EncodingAccent{\^}{"005E}, or so I thought.
% Solved the lstlisting issue was solved by adding \makeatletter\input{tuenc.def}
% Unsolved



If you add


then you find

! Text line contains an invalid character.
l.84   \if\relax\detokenize{#2}\relax 

which is... interesting and translates as: it's not your fault..

The offending line is


which says if the argument of the accent command is empty use a non breaking space. You need something as when using unicode combining characters you don't want a\"{} to put the accent on the a because the following combining character had no base to act on.

But your example shows it's not safe to use ^^a0 . Instead of inputting tuenc.def input a local copy where


has been changed to (I guess)


perhaps we should use space always. I'll raise it with the team....

  • Very interesting indeed. \catcode160 is a non-breakable space which you set to category code 15, correct? Oct 18 '17 at 18:39
  • @JonathanKomar just as a debugging aid catcode 15 is invalid character so tex stops at the point the character first got into the system. I added a fix to my answer. Oct 18 '17 at 18:42
  • Wait, wouldn't it be much better to put the redefinition in @JonathanKomar's code after loading tuenc.def rather than producing yet another .def file that would be a slight variant of tuenc.def?? Oct 19 '17 at 14:37

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