Short question

How can I set the value of a key depending on the last used keys, by modifying only \pgfkeys ?

Long question

I'd like to define a set of pgfkeys that then I will be able to use in lots of functions. I'd like the have only a few number of parameters, like, for example "width","height" and "pos", so that my functions are then very easy to use. So the basic idea would be to use:

\myRectangle[width=1cm, height=2cm, pos={(current page.center)}}

However, I'd like to allow the user the capability of using shortcuts. For example, if he uses the key fullWidth, the it's exactly the same thing as using width=\pagewidth:

\myRectangle[fullWidth, height=2cm, pos={(current page.center)}}

but because the rectangle fills the whole width, it's useless to give two values for the position, only 1 is useful (the height here). So I'd like to be able to let the user use:

\myRectangle[fullWidth, height=2cm, pourcent=.5}

in place of

\myRectangle[fullWidth, height=2cm, pos={(current page.north east) + (current page.north west) + (0,-.5\paperheight)}}

and if we just replace fullWidth with fullHeight, then the code

\myRectangle[fullWidth, height=2cm, pourcent=.5}

should be equivalent to

\myRectangle[fullWidth, height=2cm, pos={(current page.north east) + (current page.north west) + (.5\paperheight,0)}}

(Notice that now, the last pair has changed)

So, as you saw, pourcent has two different goals, depending on the last used keys, and I don't know how to express that in the code.

Here is my MWE:

\graphicspath{{photos/}} % on change la racine

% Define the used keys in the following document
  /myKeys/.is family, /myKeys,
  default/.style =
    width  = 1cm,
    height = 1cm,
    pos = {(current page.center)},
  width/.estore in = \kWidth,
  height/.estore in = \kHeight,
  pos/.estore in = \kPos,
  % Non fundamental keys
  fullWidth/.style = {width=\paperwidth},
  fullHeight/.style = {height=\paperheight},
  pourcent/.style args={#1}{
    % Works for fullWidth...
    pos={(current page.north west) + (.5\paperwidth,-#1\paperheight)}
    % But for fullHeight it should be
    % pos={(current page.north west) + (#1\paperwidth,-.5\paperheight)}

% Create a rectangle. You can set the properties color, width
% height, pos, anchor, fullWidth, fullHeight, pospc, background
  \pgfkeys{/myKeys, default, #1}%
  \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]%
    \node [inner sep=0pt, shape=rectangle, fill=red, minimum width=\kWidth, minimum height=\kHeight, anchor=center, at/.expanded={($\kPos$)}] {};%


\myRectangle[fullWidth,pos={(current page.center)}]


% Does not work as expected... see pourcent/.style


-- EDIT -- I tried:

  pourcent/.code args={#1}{
    \pgfkeysalso{pos={(current page.north west) + (.5\paperwidth,-#1\paperheight)}}%
    \pgfkeysalso{pos={(current page.north west) + (.5\paperwidth,-\paperheight)}}%

it compiles, but does not work, I guess that the expression \edef\w{\pgfkeysvalueof{pourcent}} does not reduce...


Finally, I got it !!!

  pourcent/.code args={#1}{
    \pgfkeysalso{pos={(current page.north west) + (.5\paperwidth,-#1\paperheight)}}%
    \pgfkeysalso{pos={(current page.north west) + (#1\paperwidth,-.5\paperheight)}}%

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