I use the classic template of moderncv. And I want to make the cvitem name(marked with red) not broken, and I don't want to change the font size, just want to make the item name longer. enter image description here

I have search several times and not found the solution. Does anyone came up with this problem before? I'm so appreciate your help.

best regards, Melo

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    If you don't want to change the font size, how do you expect it to fit without breaking? Have it protrude to the left / to the right, or increase the length of the “column” throughout the document, or… ? Oct 20, 2017 at 13:56
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    Also: welcome to tex.stackexchange.com :-) Please include a complete, minimal, compilable file (starting with \documentclass and ending with \end{document}) which highlights the issue, so that there is something concrete to play with. You can remove sections that are not relevant, change the names if anything is sensitive, etc., to make it minimal. Oct 20, 2017 at 13:59
  • sorry, this is my first post here, for me it's still too much to learn about the community. Thank you for your advice. The tex file is the template from the CTAN package.
    – Fuevo
    Oct 20, 2017 at 17:19

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The classicstyle of moderncv uses two columns to layout the cv. The first column takes the rule of command \section, the second column takes the text.

To change the length of the first column you can use command


and change my 3cm as you need ...

To get german umlauts in your document please add


to your code.

With the complete MWE


% moderncv themes
\moderncvstyle{classic} % casual, classic, banking, oldstyle and fancy; head 3, body 3

\usepackage[ngerman]{babel} % <=========================================


% personal data
\title{Resumé title}
\address{street and number}{postcode city}{country}
\email{[email protected]}
\extrainfo{additional information}
\quote{Some quote}

\setlength{\hintscolumnwidth}{3cm} % <==================================



\section{Persönliche Daten}
\cvitem{Geburtsdatum}{26.04.1089 in China}

\cventry{year--year}{Degree}{Institution--3}{City--4}{\textit{Grade}--5}{Description--6}  % arguments 3 to 6 can be left empty

\section{Master thesis}
\cvitem{description}{Short thesis abstract}


you get the wished result:

wished result

  • Thank you so much, that is exactly what I need. Bother you one more, if you know how to make the name in English and Chinese in two lines, that would be awesome. Thank you so much!
    – Fuevo
    Oct 20, 2017 at 17:14

Using \setlength{\hintscolumnwidth}{3cm} in your preamble (you can adjust the length to your needs) should solve this problem.


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