Besides having issues with forced nopagebreaks, a cline does not seem to work on a regular pagebreak. Only hline seems to work. How can I get clines to work on Longtables?


\hline %same result

Mkay & Okay \\ \cline{1-2}
Mkay & Okay \\ \cline{1-2}
Mkay & Okay \\ \cline{1-2}
Mkay & here \\ \cline{1-2}%\hhline{--}
Hmm & Okay \\ \cline{1-2}
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    The second example here should work: tex.stackexchange.com/a/44800/2388. Use then \ltcline{--} instead of \cline. Oct 21, 2017 at 9:14
  • Thank you so much, you do not even know how much I love you. If I can do anything in return, please let me know :)
    – Dosy
    Oct 23, 2017 at 9:48
  • You should better thank @DavidCarlisle ;-). He wrote the patch, I only found it. Oct 23, 2017 at 9:55


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