So i have following code snippet

enter image description here

if i run it i get following output

enter image description here

But i would like to have the table inside the itemize column not the section column.

What can i do ? Thanks for any help

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    Please don't post images of code snippets. Always add a minimal but working example to your question. However: Don't use a table environment if you only want a tabular. Oct 20 '17 at 16:21

If you use a tabular (or tabularx) it will fit in the indented list boundaries. If you use a table environment (even with [H]) then that specifies that the table is not part of the text flow so it is always set in a normalised setting not using the current line width or fonts etc.

So just use


note \linewidth is the current width of (indented) lines within a list, and remove the \begin{table} and \end{table}.

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