I just create with makebst.tex my own bibliography style and it works in general. But I have two problems with it:

  1. The citation is in square brackets, I did not find the questions concerning this this by creating my style. I tried with \citep*, however, latex does not take it. Does anyone know how to remove the brackets? enter image description here
  2. The citation with brackets shows up before each line of the references. I really don't know why Latex does it, because I did not set it with makebst.tex. Are there question in makebst.tex which lead to this result? enter image description here

Thank you in advance!


Early on while running the makebst utility, you probably came across the following two queries:

enter image description here

Judging by the screenshot you posted, you selected authoryear-style citation call-outs -- answer (a) -- in the upper question, and then selected the default -- answer (*) or natbib -- in the lower question, regarding the citation management package you'll be working with.

The upshot is that you must load the natbib package if you wish to use the bespoke bibliography style file which you created with the makebst utility.


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