I want to implement a raster graphic like this but i don't want to insert the image file. Does anybody know how to create some in latex?:enter image description here


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EDIT: Added \bordercolor as a parameter, in addition to \thk rule thickness and \gsize grid size.

\usepackage{xcolor, graphicx}
\def\thk{.5pt}                   % RULE THICKNESS
\def\gsize{.65cm}                % GRID SIZE
\def\bordercolor{black}          % GRID BORDER COLOR
      \Ct\Ct   \Ct   \Ct   \Ct\\
      \Ct\Ct[A]\Cb[X]\Cw   \Cw\\
      \Cw\Cw   \Cw   \Cw   \Cw\\
      \Cw\Cw   \Cw   \Cw   \Cw

enter image description here

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