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How to create individual chapter PDFs

In my LaTeX file, I have

\chapter{chapter one}

\chapter{chapter two}

\chapter{chapter three}


I wonder if there is a way to create separate PDF files for each chapter, i.e. chapter one.pdf, chapter two.pdf, chapter three.pdf etc. As there are quite a few chapters in my document and they keep changing, separating the chapters manually can prove to be time consuming and ineffective. I am using texlive in Ubuntu. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Yes, see Typeset single chapter from book. Put every chapter in its own file and use \include{<file>} in the main file. Then add \includeonly{<files/chapter you want include>} in the preamble. You need to change this line for every chapter and compile the document again, then rename the PDF. However, I don't know an automatic way. You could write a shell script which automates it for you, if you know how to do it. – Martin Scharrer Jan 1 '12 at 12:21
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