I would like to create an index of authors, an index of titles and an index of terms using biblatex with indexing=cite and imakeidx.

However, I manage to get only an Index of Authors.

My MWE is:



% add authors, editors, etc to list of authors
  \ifboolexpr{ test {\ifciteindex} and not test {\iffootnote} }

\makeindex[name=term,title=Index of Terms,columns=2]



    author = {Knuth, Donald E.},
    year = {1986},
    title = {The \TeX book},


This \index[term]{book} is great! \cite{Knu86}


\renewcommand{\indexname}{Index of Authors}


Usually indexing will give an index with both the authors and titles. Indexing=cite only authors. What is the easiest way possible in my example to get three indices?

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    Remove the \bibliographystyle{alpha} line, it does nothing in biblatex. It can only add confusion.
    – moewe
    Oct 24 '17 at 10:32

Inspired by Indexing with biblatex - how to filter out publication titles of indexed authors? you could try

\usepackage[indexing=cite, backend=biber, style=authoryear-icomp]{biblatex}
\makeindex[program=texindy, name=nameindex, title = Index of names]
\makeindex[program=texindy, name=titleindex, title = Index of titles]



  \ifboolexpr{ test {\ifciteindex} and not test {\iffootnote} }



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