I can't seem to figure out why this isn't working. I'd like to set up an option for this package to allow for a preprint version (with no page range marked) and a final version with the page range included. The \@firstpage and \@lastpage commands are defined elsewhere.

From what I understand of TeX conditionals, I define a new choice, \@final, define it by default to be true. When the user invokes \documentstyle[preprint]{package} it should set \@final to false, and then later on define \thepagerange to be some text. If the preprint option is not used or is set to final, then \@final should be true (the default) and \thepagerange should be defined as shown.

The problem is that this does not seem to work. Regardless of whether I pass preprint or final, the compiler tosses out the errors:

./package.cls:388: Undefined control sequence.
l.388 \if@finaltrue

./package.cls:393: Extra \fi.
l.393 \fi

./package.cls:394: Undefined control sequence.
l.394 \if@finalfalse

./package.cls:396: Extra \fi.
l.396 \fi

Troublesome MWE here:




   \ifnum\@lastpage =0 {\ \bf ???} \else
   \ifnum\@lastpage = \@firstpage \ \thefirstpage\else
   \thefirstpage--\thelastpage \fi\fi}
  • This is no MWE so far. It is incomplete class code and no document that loads this class – user31729 Oct 30 '17 at 0:57
  • Your code isn't compilable. But the conditional is \if@final <true part> \else <false part> \fi not \if@finaltrue .... Also \bf is a deprecated command and you shouldn't use it. Use \bfseries instead. – Alan Munn Oct 30 '17 at 0:57

When you define a conditional using \newif\if@final the conditional itself is simply \if@final. You set the conditional by using either \@finaltrue or \@finalfalse.

If you want to use the conditional then the syntax is:

   <true part code>
   <false part code>

You are trying to use \if@finaltrue (and later \if@finalfalse) and since those macros do not exist, you predictably get an "Undefined control sequence" errors (as your error shows.)

You also shouldn't use \bf, which is a deprecated command. Use \bfseries instead.

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