The silence package filters out Warning and Error messages .. is it possible to filter out Info messages such as

Package mdframed Info: mdframed works in twoside mode on input line 207.
Package mdframed Info: mdframed detected package amsthm
        changed the theorem header of amsthm
        (mdframed) on input line 121.
LaTeX Font Info:    Font shape `LGR/txr/m/sc' will be
     (Font)         scaled to size 10.0pt on input line 20.
File: 1327.eps Graphic file (type eps)

These messages are shown only for info and I want to suppress them in order to locate more easily the real warnings and errors.


The following commands can be redefined:

  • \PackageInfo
  • \@font@info
  • \@latex@info

They all send (non-critical) information out to the terminal. You can do this before \documentclass:

\renewcommand{\PackageInfo}[2]{}% Remove package information
\renewcommand{\@font@info}[1]{}% Remove font information
\renewcommand{\@latex@info}[1]{}% Remove LaTeX information

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