I apologize in advance as font missing questions floods this site, however this time I tried all I could think of and looking up online did not return a solution to the problem below.

My new laptop has a small SDD and I had to save some space, thus installed a minimal latex install in it. I have been using it for some months, but recently I decided to print out a document using the tufte-book package.

All dependencies listed in CTAN's tufte-latex were installed, but in this machine it generates an error that points to a missing font:

! Font T1/pplj/m/n/10=pplr9d at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not foun
<to be read again> 

Seems that pplj and pplr9d refers to the Palatino font required by the tufte-book class, mathpazo is installed and so all other dependencies of that package that are listed in here.

I ask, as I cannot find any solution either here or with google:

  • How to install the missing requirement with tlmgr?

Found the solution. One can either install collections with tlmgr or more economically:

sudo tlmgr install palatino mathpazo fpl
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