I changed the volume/number style to "vol. X, n° Y". It works for article entries, but not for periodical ones. I don't understand why ??

Here's a MWE :



%Remplace les points par des virgules dans la biblio

    volume = {vol\adddot},%
    volumes = {vol\adddot},%
    jourvol = {vol\adddot},%

%On supprime "in" de la présentation des articles (mais pas des inbook, etc.)

%On passe de "vol.numero" à ", vol. XX, n° XY"
    \setunit*{\addcomma\space}% NEW
%   \setunit*{\adddot}% DELETED
    \setunit*{\addcomma\space}% NEW


With bib document :

    title = {Journal},
    issuetitle = {Issue Title},
    volume = {284},
    number = {5411},
    date = {1999},
    langid = {english},

    title = {Article Title},
    author = {Author},
    journaltitle = {Journal Title},
    volume = {3},
    number = {1},
    date = {2013},
    pages = {33-67},
    langid = {english},

enter image description here

I just want the periodical entry to look like the article one (with comma and space instead of a period).

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For some reason the macro that prints the volume and number for @periodical doesn't use volume+number+eid. But we can make it.


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