Here's my minimal example:

blah \cite{ASD71}   

with references file "references.bib"

@article {ASD71,
    AUTHOR = {Atkin, A. O. L. and Swinnerton-Dyer, H. P. F.},
     TITLE = {Modular forms on noncongruence subgroups},
 BOOKTITLE = {Combinatorics ({P}roc. {S}ympos. {P}ure {M}ath., {V}ol. {XIX},
              {U}niv. {C}alifornia, {L}os {A}ngeles, {C}alif., 1968)},
     PAGES = {1--25},
 PUBLISHER = {Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, R.I.},
      YEAR = {1971},
   MRCLASS = {10D05},
  MRNUMBER = {0337781},
MRREVIEWER = {Morris Newman},

But when I compile it, it doesn't show the booktitle or publisher. Is this normal? If I add a "journal" entry, then it does show the journal.

I'm sorry about the formatting. I'm not sure how to make the appropriate formatting.

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