Here's my minimal example:

blah \cite{ASD71}   

with references file references.bib:

@article {ASD71,
    AUTHOR = {Atkin, A. O. L. and Swinnerton-Dyer, H. P. F.},
     TITLE = {Modular forms on noncongruence subgroups},
 BOOKTITLE = {Combinatorics ({P}roc. {S}ympos. {P}ure {M}ath., {V}ol. {XIX},
              {U}niv. {C}alifornia, {L}os {A}ngeles, {C}alif., 1968)},
     PAGES = {1--25},
 PUBLISHER = {Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, R.I.},
      YEAR = {1971},
   MRCLASS = {10D05},
  MRNUMBER = {0337781},
MRREVIEWER = {Morris Newman},

But when I compile it, it doesn't show the booktitle or publisher. Is this normal? If I add a journal entry, then it does show the journal.


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As mentioned by User moewe in a comment, the @article field does not take the entry booktitle, which is why it does not appear in your MCVE upon compiling.

Since you are using amsrefs with BibTeX, to find out which fields are admissable you need to look at the documentation for the AMS Export BibTeX style: amsxport.pdf. In particular, look at Section 10 Entry types on page 15. Though there are 14 types of bibliography fields that BibTeX admits, amsrefs combines most of them together, and you really have only 3 types of fields:

  1. @article: author, translator, title, subtitle, language, organization, how, date, ISSN, journal, volume, number, pages, PII, archive, eprint, preprint, url, note, status, review

  2. @inproceedings: author, translator, title, subtitle, language, organization, how, date, xid, conference, booktitle, edition, editor, series, volume, publisher, address, pages, url, note, status, review

  3. @book: author, editor, translator, booktitle, title, subtitle, type, language, conference, edition, series, publisher, organization, institution, address, how, date, volume, number, ISBN, url, note, status, review

In addition, it seems there are also entries chapter, howpublished, key, meeting, month, mrnumber, part, school and year, as well as the built-in crossref, as mentioned on pages 2–3 under Section 2 Implementation.

In your case, you want to use the @inproceedings field instead of the @article field. Making this change, the output now shows the booktitle entry.

Screenshot of output with @incproceedings instead of @article.

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