A LaTeX document is to be converted to html using tex4ht or htlatex. If the .cfg file is included with




The mathematics content gets converted to png images. How can I configure it to something like


to get svg images for mathematics. I have tried


(I know make4ht but unfortunately I am not able to install it on windows with Miktex 2.9)

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Miktex packages for tex4ht have been updated last week, they should be fully synchronized with the current state of tex4ht development. If you have the updated system, it is possible to to request the SVG output for math and other picture elements using svg command line option, or from the configuration file, as in your code samples.

The following commands should work:

htlatex filename.tex "xhtml,svg"


make4ht filename.tex "svg"

If everything works correctly, you should find calls to dvisvgm command in the terminal output.

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