I'm using the classicthesis template and my aim is to write a nested citation following the Chicago manual of style. I've started using the following command:

\mkbibparens{\citet[181]{bringhurst:2002}\postnotedelim cited by \citet{aurelius:2002}}

which results in (Bringhurst [2013, p. 181], cited by Aurelius [2002]).

However, to follow the Chicago style the desired output should be with commas: (Bringhurst, 2013, p. 181, cited by Aurelius, 2002). This can be achieved using the following command. But I was wondering if there's a more generic way to achieve this?

\mkbibparens{\citeauthor{bringhurst:2002}, \citeyear[181]{bringhurst:2002}\postnotedelim cited by \citeauthor{aurelius:2002}, \citeyear{aurelius:2002}}

Here's a MWEB:



\PassOptionsToPackage{%----citation settings------------
  %backend=biber, %instead of bibtex
  style=authoryear-comp, % Author 1999, 2010
  %bibstyle=authoryear,dashed=false, % dashed: substitute rep. author with ---
  sorting=nyt, % name, year, title
  maxbibnames=2, % default: 3, et al.
  natbib=true % natbib compatibility mode (\citep and \citet still work)

\addbibresource{TeX.bib} % bibliography
        author = "Antoni Diller",
        title = "{\LaTeX} Line by Line",
        year = "1997",
        edition = "1st",
        publisher = "Wiley",
        address = "Chichester, England"

        author = "Michel Goossens and Sebastian Rahtz",
        title = "The {\LaTeX} Web Companion",
        year = "1999",
        edition = "1st",
        publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
        address = "Boston, Massachusetts"


\mkbibparens{\citet[181]{diller97}\postnotedelim cited by \citet{goossens99}}

\section{Chicago style}
\mkbibparens{\citeauthor{goossens99}, \citeyear[181]{goossens99}\postnotedelim cited by \citeauthor{diller97}, \citeyear{diller97}}    

This doesn't work:
\citep[p.~181, cited by \protect \citealp{diller97}]{goossens99}

\section{Add some content}


EDIT: Changed the MWE so the .sty file is not needed anymore. (The classicthesis-config.sty file can be found here.)

Hope that helps to clarify the problem.


You could adapt your attempt using \cite instead of \citet, as:

\mkbibparens{\cite[181]{diller97}\postnotedelim cited by \cite{goossens99}}

Resulting in:

enter image description here

This might "get the job done", however it is far from ideal to go about stitching cite commands like this along your document, especially if you must do it frequently. In this last case, a closer look at the links provided by moewe in the comments would be a good idea.

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