I need to write several documents that are fairly close to each other, i.e.same structure of header/footer, call a common set of forms. I wrote a Main.tex document with a set of \if\x 1 { my document content}\fi to control the content of each document. My variable "x" is also used as information in the header.

Minimal example:

\documentclass[a4paper,10pt, ,landscape]{article}

\rhead{My document \x}
\lhead{Left header}
\lfoot{\thepage\ ~of~\pageref{LastPage}}

\if\x 1 {

\if\x 2 {  

\if\x 3 {   

On Linux (Ubuntu), I wrote a makefile:

SHELL   = /bin/sh

    make tex
    make clean

    for number in 1 2 3; do \
        echo $$number ; \
        pdflatex -no-pdf --jobname=Mydocument-No-$$number "\newcommand\x{$$number} \input{main.tex}"  ; \
        pdflatex --jobname=Mydocument-No-$$number "\newcommand\x{$$number} \input{main.tex}"  ; \

    echo "USAGE: make [all/tex/clean]"

    rm -f *.aux *.dvi *.idx *.ilg *.ind *.log *.nav *.out *.snm *.xdv *.toc *~

Which call my main.tex file 3 times, sending the value of x to my latex document, and also renaming the output. At the end I get 3 pdf. I only have to write "make" in the Konsole of Kile to make it work.

Unfortunately, I now have to transfer this process under Windows - Any idea on how to write the equivalent of my makefile in Windows ? I have TeXnicCenter and Texmaker installed.

  • there are of course make implementations for windows, or you could write a loop in dos cmd syntax or use Lua (and the texlua that comes with tex) for a cross-platform alternative. – David Carlisle Nov 2 '17 at 17:42
  • 1
    Might be useful: stackoverflow.com/questions/17158419/… – Andrew Nov 2 '17 at 18:35

I solved this, by writing a makefile.bat for Windows as suggested by David Carlisle:

FOR %%i IN (1,2,3) DO (
echo %%i
pdflatex --jobname=Mydocument-No-%%i "\newcommand\x{%%i} \input{main.tex}"  
pdflatex --jobname=Mydocument-No-%%i "\newcommand\x{%%i} \input{main.tex}" 
DEL *.aux *.log *.backup

I run it by double clicking on the file.

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