I have a csv file consisting of two columns corresponding to the x and y coordinates of a point cloud. Since it is possible to label a point in a tikzpicture environment by

\coordinate (1) at (0,0); # from now one simply has to write (1) instead of (0,0)

I was wondering if it is possible to import the points from the csv file and labeling them automatically with their appropriate row number in the file.

  • Yes that's what pgfplots does. You can also use plot from TikZ – percusse Nov 3 '17 at 0:18

Here, I use readarray to absorb and compose the data. I label the coordinates as R\i where \i is the local row number.

0, 0
1, 1
2, 4
3, 9
\def\thedamnedline{}% INITIALIZE
\foreach\i in {1, ..., \xyptsROWS}{
  \coordinate[label=\textcolor{red}{R\i}](R\i) at (\xypts[\i,1],\xypts[\i,2]);% DEFINE/LABEL
  \fill[red] (R\i) circle (2pt);% ADD CIRCLE AT EACH COORDINATE
  \ifnum\i>1\relax\xdef\thedamnedline{\thedamnedline -- }\fi% COMPOSE INTERCOORDINATE LINKS
  \xdef\thedamnedline{\thedamnedline (R\i) }% COMPOSE COORDINATES SEQUENTIALLY FOR LINE
\draw\thedamnedline;% DRAW \thedamnedline (PREVIOUSLY COMPOSED)

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