I know pgf-umlcd package and I use this for making uml class diagram. I also know the pgf-umlsd package. Now, I need a package for making uml use case diagram for my lab project report. But, I can't choose which package is best for me.

Please give me the package name that is similar to pgf-umlcd or easy to learning when having knowledge of previous one.


There is no "related" package in the sense that the author of pgf-umlcd and pgf-umlsd hasn't made a package for use case diagrams. At least not any that is published on GitHub.

The tikz-uml package on the other hand, which can be downloaded from http://perso.ensta-paristech.fr/~kielbasi/tikzuml/, does have features built in for use case diagrams. See chapter 3 in the manual (also available on that website). The easiest way of using it is to place tikz-uml.sty in the same folder as your .tex file, there are some instructions for making .sty files generally available in Where do I place my own .sty or .cls files, to make them available to all my .tex files?

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