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I am new to LaTex. I am writing a paper on a number theory topic. What I know so far is that I need to construct a preamble for my paper. I don't know what packages I need for my paper. What packages should I include? keep in mind this is an undergrad paper I am writing.

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    Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are not really on-topic as they usually do not revolve around an abstract issue. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. – Henri Menke Nov 4 '17 at 3:38
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    First thing i would do is read an introduction to LaTeX. – Johannes_B Nov 4 '17 at 4:10
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    I wouldn't worry too much about what packages to include for now. Just start writing with the basic structure \documentclass{article} \begin{document} ... \end{document} and solve the problems (with the required packages) as they come along. – Troy Nov 4 '17 at 4:15
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    Welcome! Read an introduction, don't use a "template", and do spent some time learning LaTeX. Knowledge on a good user level can save much time. – Keks Dose Nov 4 '17 at 10:24
  • See also tex.stackexchange.com/questions/11/…. – CampanIgnis Apr 20 at 16:31

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