I was wondering if we could have a second footer line (below the author's name, short title, date, and the number of the slide) in beamer like the one below? If so, I would welcome any ideas so as to try it.

enter image description here

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    To answer your question: Yes we could. – Skillmon Nov 7 '17 at 22:55
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    The place to work on is \setbeamertemplate{footline}. Sorry if I'm annoying you, but I'm tired and going to bed now and don't have enough energy left to give better answers. – Skillmon Nov 7 '17 at 23:03
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    What theme are you using? – Werner Nov 8 '17 at 2:01

You can add an additional line by redefining the footline.



  \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.333333\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,center]{author in head/foot}%
    \usebeamerfont{author in head/foot}\insertshortauthor\expandafter\ifblank\expandafter{\beamer@shortinstitute}{}{~~(\insertshortinstitute)}
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.333333\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,center]{title in head/foot}%
    \usebeamerfont{title in head/foot}\insertshorttitle
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.333333\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,right]{date in head/foot}%
    \usebeamerfont{date in head/foot}\insertshortdate{}\hspace*{2em}
    \insertframenumber{} / \inserttotalframenumber\hspace*{2ex} 

    \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,center]{author in head/foot}%
    \usebeamerfont{author in head/foot} text



  • Thank you! There is an error showing: "! Undefined control sequence. <recently read> \ifblank " when I'm trying to run it. – Y_gr Nov 8 '17 at 23:15
  • @Y_gr Works for me without error. How are you compiling? Which tex distribution do you have? – user36296 Nov 9 '17 at 0:58
  • TeXworks and I compiled it with pdfLaTeX – Y_gr Nov 9 '17 at 9:32
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    @Y_gr Which version? I used pdflatex from texlive 2017. – user36296 Nov 9 '17 at 9:40
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    Out of curiosity: Why did you add the \vskip0pt to the bottom of the footline? – Skillmon Nov 10 '17 at 9:37

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