So, noob here, I am learning to use the acro package to write reports. Such as:


Then I use

\DeclareAcronym{ny}{short = NY ,  long  = New York ,  class = abbrev}

because I have noticed that it must be put before


Since I have several acronyms/nomenclature/simbols to write, it would be better to define them as they appear in my text, instead of using \ac{NY} on it, I believe.

It would be even better because it would be easier to find errors of misspelling or different writing in


at the end. Is there a solution for that?

Thank you.

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I'm not sure I understand the question. You cannot use \DeclareAcronym in the document, it can (or rather should) only be used in the preamble. There is no guarantee whatsoever that things work if you use it after \begin{document}.

You also cannot use \ac{foo} in the document without declaring the acronym foo first in the preamble. BTW, using \ac{foo} is not instead of declaring it in the preamble but in addition to it.

You can however list declared but unused acronyms in the list of acronyms by “using” them with \acuse (see the manual for details).

So the answer is: no, you cannot declare acronyms on the fly with the acro package.

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