Every time I want to type in math environments the MikTeX (2.9) pdflatex.exe starts in a separate console window and stands for a while until it closes and some other consoles appear and disappear very quickly.

A few minutes ago I tried to fix the problem with the phantom preview in math environment. I installed ImageMagic with the legacy option but it did not help.

Now I can't even type when math preview is disabled. I'm going crazy. I can't do my homework at the moment.

Please help. Thank you.


I use Sublime Text 3. When I am in any math mode and I type or delete a character this window appears. pdflatex.exe After a while it disappears and several other windows like the one before appear and disappear very fast.

Which information I can provide more?

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I found the solution. I had a Problem with the Latex Equation Preview package. I removed it and the annoying window does not appear anymore.

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