Achim Blumensath uses some very strange font in his books about logic and model theory (see e.g. here: http://www.fi.muni.cz/~blumens/MSO.pdf)

I would really like to use the same for my documents, but I cannot find this particular font he is using. I checked out every possible font from here What are all the font styles I can use in math mode? and here http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/mathfonts.html (at least those which did not crash while compiling). But especially the calligraphic P (see last line on page 6 of his MSO book) seems to be completely unavailable - I cannot find it anywhere else.

  • as you have the pdf, the pdffonts utility or the fonts menu in acrobat and some other viewers tells you exactly what fonts are in the file, a mix of cmss, minion pro and mn symbols and DS-Wartburg-Fraktur in this case – David Carlisle Nov 12 '17 at 16:09
  • 1
    the full list is MinionPro-Regular , MinionPro-Subh , MinionPro-ItDisp , MinionPro-It , MinionPro-SemiboldCapt , MnSymbol10 , MnSymbol7 , MinionPro-Regular , DS-Wartburg-Fraktur , MinionPro-ItSubh , MinionPro-Semibold , MinionPro-Capt , MnSymbol10 , MnSymbol10 , MSBM10 , MnSymbol10 , MinionPro-ItCapt , MnSymbol8 , EUFM10 , MinionPro-Regular , MinionPro-It , MinionPro-SemiboldItCapt , MnSymbol6 , MnSymbol5 , MnSymbol9 , MinionPro-It , CMSS8 , CMSS10 , MnSymbol7 , MnSymbol7 , MinionPro-Bold , CMSS9 , MnSymbol9 – David Carlisle Nov 12 '17 at 16:11
  • I see Fraktur (\mathfrak) and standard \mathcal; the fancy P is \powerset from MnSymbol. – egreg Nov 12 '17 at 16:41

The text is set in Minion Pro, possibly with mathspec.


\setmainfont{Minion Pro}
\setmathsfont(Digits,Latin,Greek)[Numbers={Lining,Proportional}]{Minion Pro}


R^{\powerset(A)}:=\{\bar{P}\in\powerset(A)^n \mid \dots \bar{a}\in R^{\mathfrak{A}}\}


enter image description here

Original image (the overbar is different):

enter image description here

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