I'd like to set a string multiplication in LaTeX in order to print n times a specific string or character.

Just like in Python one would do :

print('mystring' * 3)

to get mystringmystringmystring.

How do I do this in LaTeX?

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If you can include the pgffor package, then it is as easy as doing \foreach \i in {1,...,3}{mystring}. For easier use, it can be wrapped in a command:

\newcommand{\repeatn}[2]{\foreach \i in {1, ..., #1} {#2}}

Usage: \repeatn{3}{mystring}
  • Waww fairly simple ! Thanks @gjulianm! it'll simplify a lot my document ! – Etsaf Nov 16 '17 at 21:04

Here's the mandatory L3 approach with \prg_replicate:

\prg_replicate:nn {11}{na}~Batman!
  • Great ! Thanks @Paulo Cereda I'll see for putting it into a newcommand :-) – Etsaf Nov 16 '17 at 21:06

Without any additional packages, you can use the \loop command:






enter image description here

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