Using the standard book document class, I'd like to modify the size of the text output when inserting a quotation (with \begin{quotation}) to appear smaller than the standard font; same question but applied to \chapter and \section headings. Thanks for answers.


I would suggest the following MWE:



\chapter{title of chapter}
\section{section title}
 normal sized text
 quotation text
normal text 

I have set the fontsize of the quotation environment to be relatively 'smaller' than the size of the text. Additionally, I have used the sectsty package to influence the font sizes of chapter and section headings.

The image compares the output of the above MWE with (left) and without (right) the font size adjustments.

enter image description here

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You can use the quoting package and it eponymous environment: writing in your preamble:


will make all quoting environments be typeset in italic, footnote size.

For chapters and sections font size, you can use titlesec with option [bib], [medium], [small] or [tiny].The default is [big], [tiny] sets the font size to text size, [medium] and [small] are intermediate sizes.

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