I want a simple way to have:

\reverseit{abc defg \mycommand}


\mycommand gfed cba


(Yes, the original motivation is related to Hebrew and RTL languages, but that can sort of be solved using \beginR ... \endR/\beginL ... \endL where necessary without changing the language. So I'm asking the general question.)

Edit: The solution in this question is acceptable as a non-LaTeX-3 solution...


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\NewDocumentCommand\reverseit { m }
  { \tl_reverse:n { #1 } }

\reverseit{abc defg \LaTeX}

This also honors spaces.

  • For completeness, mention \tl_reverse_items:n, which does not honor spaces, and puts braces around every item, but is much faster (100 times?). --- Sorry, didn't see that there were spaces in Eyal's example. Jan 6, 2012 at 12:25

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