I have recently migrated from Overleaf to TeXMaker+MikTeX. I am writing a report for university and have to add a lot of references to the .bib file. When I make any change in this file, TeXMaker behaves in an odd way: It will only recognize the change if I edit the .bib file, close it and then open it again. This happens both if I edit the .bib directly through TeXMaker or if I use JabRef.

Any clues on what is going wrong?

PS: I am using the "Quick Build" option that runs pdfLaTex + BibTex + pdfLaTex(2x) + pdf Viewer.

Thanks in advance.

A minimal example:

.tex file:







.bib file:

  title     = {The variational principles of mechanics},
  publisher = {Dover Publications},
  year      = {1970},
  author    = {Lanczos, Cornelius},
  address   = {New York},

  title     = {Theoretical hydrodynamics},
  publisher = {Dover Publications},
  year      = {1996},
  author    = {Milne-Thomson, Louis Melville},
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    bibtex should see the latest version on disk; it should suffice to save the file without closing it. Does that not work? Nov 22 '17 at 1:57
  • Dear Michael, thanks for your attention. No, I have tried it at first but doesn't work. I remark that in overleaf such a procedure works, so I imagine that there is no problem with my code. Nov 22 '17 at 12:03

Apparently, the problem is solved by putting the .bib files in the directory


and setting the path


in MiKTeX. The only issue is that TeXMaker stops suggesting the keys.

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