Suppose I have a array of path path pat[]; I try to define a function like this:

def drawpaths(expr plists)=
  for p in plists:
    pickup defaultpen;
    draw pat[p];

so that I can draw the path 0,2,3 simply by call drawpaths(0,2,3).

Unfortunately, metapost don't support for loops of a list, is there any solution?


Of course Metapost supports loops over lists. Here in ConTeXt:

path pat[];
pat[0] := (0,0) -- (10,10);
pat[1] := (0,0) -- (10,20);
pat[2] := (0,0) -- (10,30);

def drawpaths(text plists) =
    for p = plists:
        pickup defaultpen;
        draw pat[p];

  • That's it! Thanks a lot! We can also move the definition to the very beginning of the code and set the variable p as a local one. – user19832 Nov 22 '17 at 4:39

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