I would like to do a figure that looks like this (using tikz-feynman):enter image description here

but it simply won't work. This is the best I can actually do:


\diagram [baseline={(current bounding box.center)}, vertical=a to b] 
  l1 -- l2,
  l2 -- l3,
  l3 -- l4,
  l4 -- a,
  a -- r1,
  r2 -- r3,
  r3 -- r4
  r1 -- [ghost] r2,
 { [edges={photon}]
  l2 -- e1,
  l3 -- e2,
  l4 -- e3,
  a -- b,
  r1 -- e4,
  r2 -- e5,
  r3 -- e6


which produces:

enter image description here

and this is not what I want.

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