I can solve the issue bigfoot.sty:61: Package hyperref Warning: Option `hyperfootnotes' has already been used by commenting out the line 61:

File: D:/User/Documents/latex/texmfs/install/tex/latex/bigfoot/bigfoot.sty
57: \ProcessOptions*
58: \ifx\hypersetup\@undefined
59:   \PassOptionsToPackage{hyperfootnotes=false}{hyperref}
60: \else
61:   % \hypersetup{hyperfootnotes=false}
62: \fi

Directly on the package bigfoot.sty, however I would not like to have to comment this line everywhere I go, or for all the other documents which do not required this fix.

How could I just be able to patch the bigfoot package like I patch a LaTeX command with xpatch or etoolbox?

  • You can patch macros, but not code lines, sorry. – egreg Nov 22 '17 at 23:30

A workaround for your problem can be the following:

  1. Copy bigfoot.sty to mybigfoot.sty. Save it in the same directory you have your TeX code.
  2. Comment line 61 and save mybigfoot.sty
  3. If you need the new version mybigfoot.sty instead bigfoot.sty in your TeX code simple change the loading of the package from \usepackage{bigfoot} to \usepackage{mybigfoot}.

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