This question is more about how LaTeX works, than any concrete example, thus there is no MWE, and it's purely hypothetical. If this is not allowed, please tell me, I will delete the question, I'm just curious about this.

Say I have a system like the following:


In each tex tile there is a chapter

then in 1.tex there is a lot of figures.

Here's the question:

Is it possible for the figures in 1.tex to float into one of the other chapters in another file?

If there were not chapters in the other files, would the figures then be able to float into the content of another file?


In general a\chapter effectively starts with a \clearpage which will print out any preceding floats. \include also uses \clearpage. So for your MWE the answer is NO.

If instead you were to use \input (which does not \clearpage) instead of \include and not \chapter but rather \section (which does not \clearpage) then floats can migrate through the document.


\include does \clearpage, so no, all figures from 1.tex will be printed before 2.tex starts.

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