I want to use apacite with the modification that "&" before the last author should be replaced by "and".

According to the apacite pacakge documentation (Ch. 6), this should be accomplished by redefining \BBAA, \BBAB and \BAnd to use the string "and".

I tried it with the following example, which does not work:




Test \cite{one} test \cite{two} test \cite{three}



  title={Counting One},
  author={John One},
  title={Counting Two},
  author={John One and Mary Two},
  title={Counting Three},
  author={John One and Mary Two and Tom Three},

The result is still:

compiled output of example


Seems you have to delay the redefinition, at least this seems to work for me


have not investigated further

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    The apacite.sty package inputs english.apc (or other language related file) at begin document and such files reset the \B... macros to the default \&.
    – egreg
    Nov 24 '17 at 22:16

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