I am using imakeidx to create my indices. It works great except for the fact that it does not create normal orders with numbers.

Instead of:





it creates:





Is there a way to change this?

Here is my MWE:

\usepackage{imakeidx}% MULTIPLE INDICES
\makeindex[name=band1-bibelstellen,title=Bibelstellen, intoc, options=-c -s untitled.ist]
\makeindex[name=band1-themen,title=Themen, intoc, options=-c -s untitled.ist]
\makeindex[name=band1-personen,title=Personen, intoc, options=-c -s untitled.ist]
\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!1, 12}
\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!3, 34}
\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!10, 1}
\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!30, 2}

My untitled.ist looks like this at the moment:

delim_0 ":\\quad "
delim_1 ":\\quad "
delim_2 ":\\quad "

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Makeindex sorts the entries as text and not as numbers. The entry 1, 12 starts with a digit, but it is not a number.

The symbol @ can be used to add a sort key to get the desired sort order:

\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!01, 12@1, 12}
\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!03, 34@3, 34}
\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!10, 1}
\blindtext\index[band1-themen]{Augustine!Sermones!30, 2}

The sort keys are now:

01, 12
03, 34
10, 1
30, 2

And the result is:

1, 12
3, 34
10, 1
30, 2
  • Yes I am aware of this but unfortunately I have over thousand entries, and they are rather complicated. It would take a month to change all entries to what you suggested. There must be an automatic way to do this!
    – stx932
    Nov 24, 2017 at 19:16
  • 1
    @eklisiarh The question only contains less than 4 ‰ of the over thousand entries. That does not allow to derive any rules for an automatic way. Develop such rules. Then, for example, you can write a script/program in the programming language of your choice to post-process either the .tex files (if the markup is clear) or the .idx files to add or update the sort keys for the index entries. Nov 24, 2017 at 19:34

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