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minted truncates the code if it doesn't fit into one page

I am using minted in order to write some Objective-C code inside a report I am trying to create. I use it the following way

\begin{minted}[linenos, fontsize=\footnotesize,
  some objective-c code

The problem is that code takes 28 lines of my page. I have 22 available lines on one page and all the lines available from the next page. LaTeX, instead of using that 22 lines from the first page and the first 6 from the other, leaves that space empty and moves all the code to the next page. This is a problem for me because I face this problem a lot of times and a lot of pages have large empty spaces.

Is there any way to allow or tell minted to split the code if possible and use all the available space?

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  • Splitting across pages is listed as a defect issue at the minted site. See issue 32. – Sony Jan 7 '12 at 2:41
  • Fundamentally the same question as the link I've used as a dupe: it's all to do with the face that minted cannot split material. – Joseph Wright Jan 7 '12 at 8:58