Based on the following output, it appears to me that changing to \displaystyle or \scriptstyle does not actually change the font size as represented by \f@size. It also does not appear to change the ex or em values.


Display style $\displaystyle \f@size pt$.

text style $\textstyle \f@size pt$.

script style $\scriptstyle \f@size pt$.

scriptscript style $\scriptscriptstyle \f@size pt$.

small $\small\f@size pt$.

tiny $\tiny\f@size pt$.

large $\large\f@size pt$.


enter image description here

I would like to define a macro using \mathchoice that displays a tikz picture that is appropriately scaled, and I need access to something like ex or em for the font size that is actually being used, depending on the math display style.

Question. How do I get access to the current font size being used for the current math display style?

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    simplest is to use \text{\begin{tizpicture....} and then the ams \text macro takes care of this and gives you a matching text font setup. – David Carlisle Nov 26 '17 at 15:41
  • That totally works! Please post your comment as an answer, and I will accept. I was able to avoid \mathchoice this way, simply by using ex unit. – JDH Nov 26 '17 at 15:46

It would be simpler to use \text{\begin{tizpicture....} and then the AMS \text macro takes care of this and gives you a matching text font setup

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