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There are already some threads about this. None of those really helped. I have main file like this:

\title{Sections and Chapters}
\author{Testy McTesty}
\date{ }


    This is the first section.
        % Appendix

And and appendix looking like this:

% Appendix

%\appendix       by the way, I have no clue what this was for...

% List of figures
% List of tables

% Bibliography

If I run it like this I always get two appendix entries in the ToC. What's the source of this problem? In addition I'm wondering what \appendix used to do. I commented it out because it doesn't really changed anything.

Thanks for your advice!

  • Do you really need \include? Try replacing it with \input. – egreg Nov 27 '17 at 8:40

Just remove the call of \addappheadtotoc from the appendix.tex file which is included with \include{appendix}.

By saying \usepackage[titletoc,toc,title,page]{appendix} the appendix title page is already included in the ToC, which is pretty obvious from the toc option ;-)

In my opinion this is a 'bug' of the appendix package -- it does not check whether the package option toc is already specified when \appappheadtotoc is called.

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